Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankful Day 2

This morning as I write, I notice the thermometer registers 37 degrees F. At this moment I am thankful for our home. The actual structure keeps us warm on the chilly days, and we love the log facing and the stone fireplace.

More than that our home is a place of peace and joy (most days!). Our family can be here together and enjoy our time spent with family and friends who come to visit. God has given us a place that we can work and play, talk and have quiet times, make a mess and clean up again.

Most recently we installed a mantle above our fireplace. It definitely ties in to the aesthetic of the place, as it's just a rough-cut log. I told my husband that we kind of have a "hunting lodge" theme going here. Yes, we have antlers on the wall and a carved wooden fish over the back door. There are old duck decoys and turkey feathers around for accents! I am thankful that my husband is able to enjoy the place just as much as me, and we are able to hear the thump thump of our children's feet running about doing their all-important-for-the-minute activities.

We would sure like to have you over for a visit; we love company!

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