Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Chocolate

One of the best things about weather that turns chilly or cold.....hands the steaming mug of hot chocolate ready for sipping! My kids, ages 2 and 4, each have their own little mug. Their "hot" chocolate is half milk to cool it. They love our store brand of multi-colored marshmallows.

I prefer two large, regular marshmallows OR a square of my homemade marshmallows. To me, the marshmallow adds the perfect touch. Not only does it provide the sweetness and creaminess, but the marshmallow helps the hot chocolate remain hot! As it melts across the surface it seals in the steam and heat - perfection.

I hope you take time to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching Up

1. Small Fry had tummy issues for six and a half days! We ended up making a trip to the doctor and then sending a sample to the hospital only to find out nothing! We're still not sure what caused all this, but we're thankful he's better and that no one else in the house had the same problems!

2. Last weekend was a quick trip to my parents' house. We were able to attend their church picnic - a bonfire on a beautiful Saturday afternoon/evening. One of the highlights for the kids was picking up apples on the ground and sampling them. I do not remember what kind of apple tree it was, but I have a bagful ready for a little baking.

3. Cookie dough is chilling in the 'fridge ready to make some pumpkin cut-outs for us and maybe the neighbors. I'm experimenting with some new food coloring for the icing. This food coloring is all-natural with ingredients like strawberry juice!

4. We had our first fire in our fireplace two nights ago! I love it!

5. Our neighbor lady turned 94 yesterday! I hope to spend a little more time with her listening to how life was when she was a young girl. What a treasure trove her memories are; I remember a school assignment having us interview our grandparents.

6. My kids are learning to sleep in their new bunkbeds. We're trying to make this transistion before the new little baby girl arrives in December. They are doing very well at night, but naptimes are party time. Yesterday Small Fry joined Brookie in the top bunk before I went in to intervene.

7. We're studying the book of Joshua in a Bible study. Last night the discussion centered around the Jordan River crossing. What an awesome display of God's power this was!

8. We've been looking at plans for pig and chicken houses online. There are some creative options out there! I think I'm overwhelming Big Fish with the possibilities - poor guy. He was just hoping to put together some scrap wood, and here I come with these pictures of little barns and cottages!

9. The kids love to read books together; I wish my voice and throat could last longer!

10. Time to brew a cup of tea and figure out a little excursion to a nearby apple orchard/gift shop. I have some of my handmade things for sale at a couple of local markets, and I need to check in with them this week to see if the "stock" needs replenishing.

Stay warm!