Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Link to my Giveaway

Having reached a milestone of 200 Likes on my business page, I'm running a little giveaway as a thanks. Go on; check it out! I'll wait here.

In other news things are rolling along on the homefront. School has settled into a routine with Math and Language completed in the morning, and reading program and handwriting along with Science and piano practice (for Abigail) in the afternoon. The two little girls like to feel as if they do "school" too. Each of them can sit at the table with paper and crayons and feel very official.

My husband asked me, in the wake of a finished knitting project, if I could ever do the whole process from sheep to sweater. I look at this as a wonderful challenge. My family raised a sheep and a goat when I was a kid (not fiber animals, just family pets). I have cleaned wool; I have carded wool; I have spun wool; and of course I have knitted wool. The only things I have not done are shear a sheep and dye wool. So, I've started researching fiber animals for someday :) The gauntlet has been thrown down, folks (in a friendly and loving way!).

Currently we have 4 turkeys residing in our fridge/freezer! We have a church dinner; husband has a work dinner; and we are looking forward to our annual gathering of family (complete with a brother and sister-in-law from Uganda) next week. We have so much for which to be thankful.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends. XOXO

Friday, November 8, 2013

Money Saving Suggestions?

Here is copied my Facebook post this morning, "Interested in your thoughts on cell phones as well as internet. Seems like a lot of money goes towards these...just a cell phone for me with average minutes and texting (no data plan) is $68. Our cable TV/wireless internet bundle is $72, and we don't even really watch the TV (mainly use internet/Netflix). Any thoughts, suggestions, or tips on this regarding a way to save money or make improvements? We use Verizon for the phone and CenturyLink for the cable/internet bundle."

I'm paying bills today and feeling the need to re-evaluate where the money goes. If you have thoughts on this or any other money saving tips please share! I would love to collect advice and suggestions.

Thank you. Please have a great day and enjoy the sunshine albeit chilly weather (at least in our corner of the world).