Saturday, March 15, 2014

Snapshots on a Saturday

Well, actually, some of these pictures are from earlier in the week. I'm really good at the mug shots :)

I've entitled this series..."The Art of Bedhead".

Maybe "Someday I Won't Let Mama Always Take my Picture".

Or, "The Smiles - They Slay Me".

How about "I Just Want a Hug!".

Leftover bananas had to be made into something, so why not use chocolate? Yummy banana bread cooling on the counter:

Last but not least I am so blessed to have little girls that enjoy playing dress-up (big sister dressed the little ones):

Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow. TTFN!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knitting and Reading

For the yarn along this week, we were asked what we are reading. Since I am not one of those talented individuals who can read WHILE knitting, I have turned to another method - listening and knitting. I like to listen to a sermon in the mornings before my kids get up, and my knitting progresses too. But, you cannot take this English major's love of the feel of a physical book. I have a good one going on right now that you can hopefully see in the picture.

This week I had some time "in town" after a doctor's appointment, so I picked up a few beautiful magazines. There is just something so fun about flipping through some inspirational articles. One of the magazines has a recipe for French macarons that I am so excited to try.

My knitting is coming along on the sweater (Moxie pullover). I'm not sure that it will be done by the first day of spring, but one can hope (and knit - yes knitting will help). The second picture shows progress as well as comparison to another sweater I knitted, and I want the new sweater to be just as long through the body. I'm almost there!

While taking these pictures in the early morning (to take part in the yarn along at Ginny's) my kids begged me to take their pictures. We are the masters of bedhead; I'm saving them for another post.

Have a warm and cozy day somewhere with a bit of knitting possibly, as it looks like we're in for some cold outside today in our neck of the woods. TTFN!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Cozy winter days means at least some knitting gets done! Almost daily I've been able to put in at least a few stitches. Since Christmas I've finished one sweater and started another (so thankful for Christmas giftcards to yarn shop!).

My current sweater is my favorite color (green) knit in the lovely Shepherd's Wool from a fiber mill in Michigan. Stonehedge Fiber Mill sounds like a fun place!

So, here is a picture of my WIP:

I really, really hope to finish this sweater before Spring (the actual calender date). We'll see! I'll keep you posted.

Oh, I tried a still life photo too :) It includes some of my favorite things like the beeswax I've been working with for my shop, eggs from my girls (new chicks ordered this week), coffee, and my knitting!

This is my first time participating in a yarn along!

Hope you have a cozy mid-week day!! TTFN!