Saturday, March 9, 2013

I love lists!

1. We are looking at some sunshine today and tomorrow - yeah! DH decided that the kids can earn their keep today (at least for half an hour). They get to pick up sticks in the yard! It's amazing what is revealed under melted snow - lots of sticks and buckets and toys that we hadn't thought about.

2. Don't forget to turn your clock ahead when you go to bed tonight!

3. Trying a new recipe today to share with friends - oatcakes!

4. DH's birthday was the end of February, and he requested a hand-knitted scarf. While, let's just say I'm still working on it! In my defense, he only requested it about a month before his birthday; I had to order yarn and decide and a pattern and all that stuff. It is coming along, but he probably will not feel its warming effects until next winter.

5. My kids are already planning their birthdays (in June). We.are.discussing.cakes.everyday. My birthday is also in June, and they just cannot believe that I haven't really thought about my "birthday dessert" as they term it.

6. New word this week: sepulcher. Jacob is learning the Easter passage, and this word is in the New King James version.

7. Spring cleaning is starting! So far I've tackled: my closet, bathroom cabinet, under-sink kitchen cabinet, and hall closet. Still to do: kids' closets (mainly clothes storage), garage (DH is a major factor for this one - yay!), and my craft area. My craft area might just need a whole season by itself. It's that bad. No really, it's a monster. I could lose myself in that closet. Send chocolate.

8. Actually, don't send chocolate. DH says that since I have chocolate in the house I actually eat it. Then I complain to him that my weight loss has reached a plateau. Smart man.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Couple of Fun Things

1. Trying Cinnamon Spice ground coffee from Aldi. Loving the flavor and price.

2. Remembering to add some Sugar Free Italian Sweet Cream creamer.....mmmm.

3. Knowing that spring is around the corner with the flip to March 1st.

4. Preparing for new chicks the beginning of April: 15 chicks, 3 each of Silver Laced Wyandotte, Araucanas, Barred Rocks, Speckled Sussex, and Golden Comets.

5. Laying in supplies for a new hive of honeybees (if my first hive survives the winter it will be nice to maybe have some surplus honey to sell in the next year or two).

6. Making some new batches of soap - great sellers right now are my plain castile and Lavender.

7. Experimenting with a new recipe for a whole chicken in the crockpot.

8. Loving the smiles from the children. Oldest daughter is missing teeth and baby daughter just has two little toofers.

9. Needing to freeze time to soak it all in. Thank you, Jesus, that my kids like to cuddle for at least a minute before running off.

10. Looking at snow falling - March is in like a lion!