Saturday, May 3, 2014

You Might be a Redneck (and Happy About it too) if:

1. The entire family is thrilled about yesterday's purchase of a used pickup truck.

2. Daddy's treat to Mama is to let her drive (30 minutes) it home all by herself whilst he hauls the minivan-load of kids.

3. Dusting the house is mainly centered around the dust caused by the baby chickens in the box in the living room.

4. The baby chickens have had their living quarters doubled by joining 2 cardboard boxes (with a little hole passageway) side by side.

5. The passageway for the baby chickens is rigged with Duck tape, so that no little baby chickens fall out.

6. The grass has not been mowed yet due to shopping for a lawn mower; and the phrase, "it doesn't really matter because no one can see us from the road." is thrown around.

7. The kids dress according to if anyone will see us today.

8. The kids are tempted with the possibility of their own garden patches, and their dreams are: sunflowers, beets, Bachelor's Buttons, carrots, and tomatoes.

9. Mama gets excited about finding a way (steam the eggs) to hard boil the freshest of eggs without having trouble peeling the shells.

10. Daddy and son design and create a raft to float in the pond in the hopes to watch turtles basking in the son.

Lovin' every minute! TTFN