Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeding the Masses

Well, maybe we just had our monthly church fellowship lunch yesterday. I tried this recipe for Mexican lasagna; and judging by the small amount of leftovers, this is something to be made again! As stated in the recipe, there is definitely room for flexibility. For example, I didn't really have access to salsa verde at our country grocery store. I substituted mild salsa. I also added a few small cans of chopped green chilies. I hope this recipe can be used for a party at your house!

The kids and I are headed out in the rain to pick up groceries for the week. The woods are just sprouting leaves left and right; we're surrounded by green! Spring is just so refreshing; Saturday I was out driving and saw the sweetest foal with its mama. Both were striking black paints, and that little baby had the tiniest hooves!

My strawberries in pots are really getting established, and I'm trying to refrain from putting seeds in the ground. The nights are still too cool; we're still seeing patchy frost.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ummm....a rather disturbing discovery

Recently, I have come across a practice that makes me feel funny. My husband (Big Fish) has been "treating" our daughter (Brookie) to a special ritual before bed. Not only is she allowed some of his blue toothpaste (special because I try to stick with my organic formula), but she is using the toothpaste on MY TOOTHBRUSH. While I am certainly happy that they are practicing proper dental hygiene, I am a little concerned about the whole shared toothbrush concept. I understand that my toothbrush is big and that it is pink, but clearly I need to make a trip to the store to provide another big and pink toothbrush. At least, I hope that will solve the problem. I mean, I already understand that MY TOWEL is the go-to towel when other towels are unavailable. What's next? Maybe if we all ate off one plate and one fork we could save on dishwashing. I'm just kidding; well, yeah, I'm just kidding.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help You, Help Me

I am always interested in bargains (who isn't?)! I thought it would be fun to share some of the ways I have found discounts. Maybe you could help me with things that are working for you! Some of these things (if not all) on the list are probably already known, but I think they bear repeating.

1. Thrift stores and consignment stores: great for kids clothes! Kids grow so quickly that many donated items show little to no wear. I also love to find 100% wool sweaters for my craft projects. It's hard to find specific houseware items on each, but it can be helpful to keep a running list of things for which to browse the shelves. Currently, my mom is helping me keep an eye out for a large kettle in which I can dye wool.

2. Junk shops/Variety shops/Antique shops: worth popping in to glance around. Recently I have found a gold mine of sock yarn at a variety shop! Skeins and skeins of yarn were included in an estate, so now the shop owners need to move the merchandise. Score! On top of that, the shop owner is allergic to wool; so she doesn't even care for the yarn I'm using. We have found several kids' toys at antique shops. The toys were not antique - more along the lines of vintage. Antique stores generally will come down in the labeled price.

3. Auctions: Big Fish LOVES auctions. Last weekend he came home with golf clubs, a bucket of golf balls, and a box with at least 30 plastic horses for the kids. He paid $20. The golf stuff is for an upcoming work outing; we are glad he doesn't have to rent clubs! Auctions are listed in the newspaper or online for your area. Many times the event location will open early for previewing; you can decided if there is anything you would be interested in. We have bought furniture at auctions including an antique secretary we have in our living room.

4. Yard sales: 'tis the season (almost)!

5. There are many online options such as c*raigslist and f*reecycle that have all kinds of things for sale or free.

Well, these are just a few ideas that I hope can help you. My husband and I sure like to find bargains, so please share anything that works for you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Update

We have been enjoying some record meeting (if not breaking) warm temperatures. There is nothing like sunshine and mild weather to make me want to dig and plant. I am trying to practice some restraint because I fear that cooler temperatures can still happen for the next month or so. A friend at church says she doesn't plant until Memorial Day. Groan.....that's a long way off!

We have seen all of our herbs sprout, and an order was placed for thyme and sage. There is space in one of the flower beds to put in herbs, and our goal is to fill that with perennial selections. Chives our already in residence, and sage and oregano should be going in this year.

We (let it be known that the term "we" is used quite loosely. I plant, and the kids try to eat the dirt.) also filled 2 1/2 strawberry pots; and those plants are starting to take root it seems. Lily of the valley have been planted as well, and two baby rosebushes are awaiting a couple of holes to be dug.

Hopefully, a knitting post will be up soon! I've started some fun projects including my first lace knitting attempt.

Today, my friends, we enjoy temperatures in the low 80's. Lunch with a friend shall hopefully take place on the deck! Hope you are seeing the sun where you live.