Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeding the Masses

Well, maybe we just had our monthly church fellowship lunch yesterday. I tried this recipe for Mexican lasagna; and judging by the small amount of leftovers, this is something to be made again! As stated in the recipe, there is definitely room for flexibility. For example, I didn't really have access to salsa verde at our country grocery store. I substituted mild salsa. I also added a few small cans of chopped green chilies. I hope this recipe can be used for a party at your house!

The kids and I are headed out in the rain to pick up groceries for the week. The woods are just sprouting leaves left and right; we're surrounded by green! Spring is just so refreshing; Saturday I was out driving and saw the sweetest foal with its mama. Both were striking black paints, and that little baby had the tiniest hooves!

My strawberries in pots are really getting established, and I'm trying to refrain from putting seeds in the ground. The nights are still too cool; we're still seeing patchy frost.

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