Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I thought I would try something fun: a giveaway on my business page. Be the 150th person to "like" the page, and I will send you soap - choice on castile or shampoo bar. Thanks for the support and orders, and I hope to bless someone with a little something from my stock!!

So, tell your neighbors, friends, and family. Help me get out the news for this fun little contest. I appreciate it so much :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Really Happens

I've been thinking of writing blog entries (or maybe Facebook updates) titled "What Really Happens" or something. A lot of people post the wonderful and exciting things happening in life, and that's what I usually do too. But, there is all the behind the scenes stuff that is comical (not at the time usually) or embarrassing or not shaded with rose-colored glasses or sad or frustrating or.....

Here goes the first episode: I just put on my workout clothes. I wondered what that funny smell was (outside of the normal workout-clothes smell). Then I remembered that I'm still wearing the shorts that I was too lazy to wash that my dog peed on in her excitement to see me a few mornings ago! It was just a bit of pee, and I figured it would dry. I didn't notice it the past couple of days, but I guess I need to get going with the laundry here!!

Maybe the title should be "True Confessions"?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday!

June marks the biggest grouping of family festivities: June 1st (my birthday), June 9th (Jacob's birthday), June 10th (our anniversary), and June 12th (Abigail's birthday). Throw Father's Day in there, and we just have a busy and fun time!

My birthday was absolutely perfect. Husband and MIL took the kids in the morning for breakfast, groceries, and a playground exploration. I slept in a bit, and took a run down the road. I haven't run outside the house for, well, I can't even remember! Most mornings find me on the elliptical monitoring still-sleeping babes. The run/walk was glorious. Then I returned home, showered, watched a couple Netflix TV show episodes while painting my toenails. Then I knit for a bit. All of these things in a quiet house add up to a rested and relaxed mama; it has been a blessing even in the days to follow. Then, Big Fish set up a little range for me over our hill; so I got in a bit of target practice. Finally we went out for a nice family dinner; the children were so well-behaved, and the food was so good. I really couldn't have asked God for a sweeter time. Here is a picture of my kids sharing my birthday dessert (Abigail accidentally told the waitress it was my birthday, and the waitress saw the panic in my face and skipped the singing part just bringing the cake). Even baby Susanna was able to have some chocolate bites!

Now we are planning the rest of the month! The kids' present already lives with us - the puppy, but I know both Abigail and Jacob will be receiving some tennis shoes! They are popping out of their old pairs. They both have requested shrimp scampi and dirt cake, so the birthday meal will be combined probably Thursday next week! VBS and ballet recital also happen to be next week; how did this all come down to one week? Prayers, please :)

Thank you, readers, for your responses on my last post. Still a "work in progress", so join me in the journey.

Happy Tuesday to you!