Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Really Happens

I've been thinking of writing blog entries (or maybe Facebook updates) titled "What Really Happens" or something. A lot of people post the wonderful and exciting things happening in life, and that's what I usually do too. But, there is all the behind the scenes stuff that is comical (not at the time usually) or embarrassing or not shaded with rose-colored glasses or sad or frustrating or.....

Here goes the first episode: I just put on my workout clothes. I wondered what that funny smell was (outside of the normal workout-clothes smell). Then I remembered that I'm still wearing the shorts that I was too lazy to wash that my dog peed on in her excitement to see me a few mornings ago! It was just a bit of pee, and I figured it would dry. I didn't notice it the past couple of days, but I guess I need to get going with the laundry here!!

Maybe the title should be "True Confessions"?

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