Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Mix

Easing into a Monday morning here after a blessed day of rest yesterday.  My Sunday school students are just adorable, and we learned yesterday of Joseph's being sold, his prison experience and God's care of him while he was in prison and later rose to power in Egypt.  My little Susanna told her brother later that the Sunday school lesson was about Jonah coming out of the hole.  So, some of the lesson stuck :)

This week is to be a big kitchen week:  roasting pumpkins (and their seeds!) for putting puree into the freezer, extracting some honey, doing something with a box of pears, and similar things.  This will be the first time using my honey extractor we bought at an auction.  It's a lovely piece - we think the extractor is from 1913 made by the Root company!  I've been taking it apart to clean it thoroughly.  Here are two recipes that are super yummy:

1.  Grits.  We eat these almost once a week!
2.  Butternut Squash Soup.  Oh boy.  I love this!

I have very much been enjoying a "tea education" through my friend's blog.  She stumbled across this amazing tea company called Golden Tips.  Really, you should go read her handful of blog posts about how this discovery was made.  I never realized, even though I have had some nice loose-leaf teas, how ignorant I am in all-things tea!  I am eager to further explore this interesting company too.

Before I go to stir my grits I'll leave you with two more links.  This magazine looks super-duper; maybe it would be a nice gift for someone on your list?  I have been trying to find a way to make my nail polish last longer; my nails on my right hand chip so badly a few days in.  This product seems to be helping; I'm still in the testing phase!

TTFN, dear friends and readers!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Snippets From the Day

Yesterday was apple day!  We had a few baskets of picked apples from the 3 trees around our house, and those apples needed to be dealt with before rottenness set in.  It was a day!  Let me tell you!

~Why did I make the decision to go with recipes that called for peeled and cored apples?  I definitely started to question that decision around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon when the crockpot was already filled; and it seemed the mountain of apples was not subsiding!

~There were some tears shed when, about 45 minutes after pulling 12 quarts from the canners, the jars of apple pie filling STILL HAD NOT SEALED!

~School was fit in the nooks and crannies of the day yesterday.  Last night right before bed I was quizzing Abigail and Jacob on their Science material.  I was asking which of the 5 senses would the "optical nerve" be related to, and my son replied with, "the sense of humor"!!  Oh, folks, where do they get these things?  Rapidly to follow was this question from him:  "What does 'humor' mean?".

~In the midst of the hurry and scurry yesterday....did I mention my husband came home from work to set about on his project of insulating the garage......something was forgotten.  I woke up with the dreaded feeling, you know, the feeling of having missed putting the garbage bin out to the curb.  Hahahaha....waaaaa. 

In conclusion, I will leave you with hope.  The jars did seal, and I will probably tackle more recipes with peeled and cored apples (next year, though).  Apples are a wonderful thing, and we will enjoy the fruits of our labors this winter (haha, get it?  fruit).  As my husband said this morning when I shared the garbage bin revelation, "we will survive".  As I read in 1 Corinthians this morning:  " sorrowful, yet always rejoicing...." we will do more than survive!  TTFN, my dears.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ups and Downs of Recent

Ah, life!  I've been reflecting on the slowness that some days seem to crawl by on as well as the speed that life passes by.  It is encouraging to think that I do not have to become bogged down in the every day chores and desires of more to accomplish (so, so easy for me), but I'm finding that I need VERY regular reminders that my tasks should be prioritized more along the lines of big picture view!  Thankfully, God is good; and provides people and readings to remind me!

Watching one of my honey bee colonies swarm this week (after I had just checked that the bees had enough room last week) is frustrating but encouraging me to learn more about the bees.  I think possibly they are a little too hot in their current location.  This is the same hive that swarmed last year too, so it might just be a characteristic of this particular colony.

My kids have started school!  Yay!  Yay for learning and expanding the mind - we are already having talks about using our school (and attitudes when the lessons get hard) to serve the Lord.  I'll let you in on a little secret....I can get some extra knitting time while I sit next to my pupils working on their lessons :)

My blog swap package arrived, and I have been enjoying the goodies sent by one of my newest blogging friends

Can I just say.......blueberry ginger jam!!!!!

My parents' anniversary today represents 38 years!  We had a nice dinner last night (provided by them, no less) around our table.  My little gift to them was matching handknit washcloths.

Speaking of knitting; have you been by my etsy shop lately?  I added something great for the chilly-er (!) weather!   I think it is just wonderful that my blog swap partner had knitted something similar for me to use.....I tuck my cozy in my purse in preparation for any coffee purchase :)

Well, I could go on; but another post will have to follow.  TTFN!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


My kids make me laugh.  Here is just a typical summer picture along with a few eggs collected.  Can you see the difference between a tiny pullet egg and a regular egg from the older chickens?  Such fun!

Tiny girl has a very strict rule remembered in her must always wear shoes outside.  She is prepared, people, to check that garden and collect those eggs.  I guess she forgot the memo about also wearing pants or a skirt or SOMETHING.  Too much!!

Summer is rolling along.  Thoughts of school are dancing in our heads too.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone...TTFN!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

Winner for my giveaway last week.....using the completely random method of writing everyone's name on scraps of paper, folding them into tiny bits, shaking them around, and having my daughter pick harknessangels!! Congratulations! Now, you'll have to decide on something from my shop; and I will send it to you :) Yay!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Treat for You (Giveaway)

Life is full these days - full of summer happenings! We are thankful for our fresh eggs coming in and the produce from our small garden. Since we just moved in this year we decided against having a full on garden for canning. We have more of a garden for snacking and enjoying: tomatoes, squash, fresh flowers, and some snips of the young herbs.

2 blueberry pies were baked yesterday as the result of a 2nd blueberry picking venture. It is exciting to be able to pick a gallon of berries without a baby strapped to my back; maybe next year we will pick enough to put some in the freezer. Next year my girl probably will not have a repeat broken leg, so she will be added to the picking ranks (currently myself and Jacob).

Homeschool ideas are swirling. This is our first year to be "official" for the state, so we have forms to fill. Textbook order is in the works.

With so much going on, I am thankful for small moments to enjoy my handmade items. I love to start a fresh bar of soap in the shower - my favorites usually include at least a bit of lavender. I love to light one of my beeswax candles while having a few quiet knitting moments. My kids have been having fun picking the colors for their new washcloths.

I want to share something with you! Please check out my shop to let me know something you would love to try!

Giveaway winner will be picked, randomly and on Friday, from the comments on this post.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Follow up on a Few Things

1. Yesterday afternoon was spent holding new baby nephew and visiting with my brother and sister-in-law. Baby spent a few extra days at Children's Hospital due to a bit of a fever which caused concern since his mommy and daddy are so recently from Uganda. Praise God that the cultures and tests have been coming back normal and little man only had the elevated temp the one time.

2. Blueberry picking did happen last week for a bit! Jacob was a major picker! We came home with just under a gallon and have been enjoying cobbler and homemade ice cream as well as blueberry muffins for Sunday breakfast. We had the joy of providing "first time" experience to a friend who had never had homemade ice cream (gasp....shocking I know!). All in good fun.

3. Honeybees provided a bit of a challenge to us. The wooden bench on which 2 active hives now resides is starting to come apart. Hives should not really be moved much during the active season. If you have to move hives (like we did when we moved) it's best to move them a few miles. We also did that in the dead of winter when the hive was much lighter, and the bees were not out and about. But our current situation involves heavy hives and active bees! So, I suited up in my bee jacket/veil because I was a bit nervous and we went traipsing out after dark last night with concrete blocks and pieces of wood to provide a temporary fix until winter! The bees sounded angry, and there were some bees clustered around the entrance even after dark (it has been pretty hot). We discovered that they would fly towards us if we had the flashlight on, so we worked in the dark. We seemed to have provided enough support to catch the bench if it falls...whew!

3a. My husband laughed a bit in the discovery that the honeybee would fly towards the flashlight while lighted, but as soon as the light was switched off the bee would dive into the grass confused by the darkness. He may have done that a time or two :)

4. This afternoon, with my parents providing childcare, we are off to collect more firewood. It will be some good exercise!

5. I have been thankful for soap and body butter orders recently! You know, soap makes an excellent hostess gift for your summer travels paired maybe with a handknit washcloth?

6. I'm working on projects for my blog swap partner. Oh, it is so fun to think of someone enjoying the things I send off. Not gonna lie, it is super fun to receive a package in the mail, too! I'll post a picture when that happens :)