Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hi! I thought it was rather HIGH TIME for an update. The past week or so half the family has been feeling weak, and fevers, and headaches, and all that. The other half of us have been hoping to stay well (except one 5 yr old who keeps putting herself to bed hoping to get some ginger ale).

Easter was a little different with said sickness, but most of us enjoyed our celebration of worship and fellowship with church family. This traditional Greek bread was made with childhood memories coming back while grinding the special Mastika spice with my mortar and pestle:

Now, we are working our way through Easter candy!

And's about time we jumped on the vegetable fermenting wagon, right? first jar o' sauerkraut! Give me a few weeks to let you know results.

I am still trying to figure out getting pictures from my iPad to these blog posts. This post was more challenging than I know it should be.....anyone out there want to jump on the phone and walk me through some steps? Anyway, TTFN!

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