Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Update

We have been enjoying some record meeting (if not breaking) warm temperatures. There is nothing like sunshine and mild weather to make me want to dig and plant. I am trying to practice some restraint because I fear that cooler temperatures can still happen for the next month or so. A friend at church says she doesn't plant until Memorial Day. Groan.....that's a long way off!

We have seen all of our herbs sprout, and an order was placed for thyme and sage. There is space in one of the flower beds to put in herbs, and our goal is to fill that with perennial selections. Chives our already in residence, and sage and oregano should be going in this year.

We (let it be known that the term "we" is used quite loosely. I plant, and the kids try to eat the dirt.) also filled 2 1/2 strawberry pots; and those plants are starting to take root it seems. Lily of the valley have been planted as well, and two baby rosebushes are awaiting a couple of holes to be dug.

Hopefully, a knitting post will be up soon! I've started some fun projects including my first lace knitting attempt.

Today, my friends, we enjoy temperatures in the low 80's. Lunch with a friend shall hopefully take place on the deck! Hope you are seeing the sun where you live.

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