Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I'm Enjoying Right This Second

1. Drinking a cup of coffee - I think I've mentioned before that I don't even drink coffee in the morning. An afternoon cup just makes my day!

2. Snuggling under a vintage quilt - my mom passed along a couple of quilts. I don't even know their history, but I love quilts!

3. Thinking of a comment from a lady at the library this morning - she was watching my son and said that "he is just one perpetual smile".

4. Looking at my little splurge from this a.m. - Liberty of London has a line they did for Target. I picked up some stationary and a few giftie bags.

5. Recalling how cute both kids were carrying their little bags of popcorn home from Target - the lady at the counter split a small bag for them. This and a diet Coke for Mama rang up for $1.59 - treats all around!


  1. Your little guy is one perpetual smile! He is such a little sweetheart.

  2. I have to have coffee first thing in the morning but occasionally an afternoon cup hits the spot. As long as it's not too late in the afternoon, otherwise I'll be up all night.


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