Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lily of the Valley

Flowers are such a beautiful manifestation of God's creativity, aren't they? I have some favorites: from the humble sunflower to the fragrant rose, from the sweet zinnias to the delicate lily of the valley. Sidenote - I have all of these seeds/plants on order!

The lily of the valley always makes me think of Mina (her real name was Alice, but we called her Mina). She was my mom's mother. Alongside her brick house, she had this flower bed. It only contained two types of plants that I can remember. Lily of the valley and mint were grown there. The mint was dried and used in cups of hot tea; she would give us a supply in glass mason jars. The lily of the valley was just for decoration, and oh how I loved (and still love) to use one finger to gently examine the tiny bells of pure whiteness.

My plants should come in a few weeks. I believe we are in zone 5 for gardens (it might be 6, don't hold me to that). Lily of the valley do well in shade, so they will be perfect in our backyard. I hope to put them around the patio or maybe even at the edge of the woods.

Lily of the valley reminds me of my grandmother. Stepping right out of her kitchen, always bustling with some cooking or canning or socializing I would turn the corner and see her little bed of fragrant and lovely lily of the valley. I can't wait to grow some at our place!

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  1. Lily of the valley was my mother's favorite flower. She passed away 9 years ago. Your post is a sweet reminder of her life as my mother. (Thanks)


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