Wednesday, March 3, 2010

List of Utterly Random Things

*The kids and I enjoy watching a baby squirrel hang out under our bird feeder.

*A ham bone has been boiled down, fat skimmed, cabbage and onion added, ready to simmer for dinner tonight.

*I'm looking forward to spring, but I know I'll miss a fire in the fireplace soon!

*Both kids are down for a "nap", and both kids are currently singing (so cute).

*The icicles are dripping and melting.

*I think it's hilarious that Big Fish doesn't think we have a big enough crockpot for church dinners. Sitting on our porch right now is a delivery of the biggest cooker I have ever seen. Where in the world do I store this? It's still on the porch....

*Knitting a sock brings me great joy.

*Yesterday, the kids and I "talked" (using skype) to my brother living in Africa! It doesn't feel like he's that far away. Brookie demonstrated her ability to imitate a dead bug to him - we couldn't stop laughing. She lays on the floor and sticks her legs straight up in the air.

*My dog (all of 6 pounds) has claimed the back of the sofa as his bed.

The end.

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  1. the dead bug image had me laughing, too... LOL


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