Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ummm....a rather disturbing discovery

Recently, I have come across a practice that makes me feel funny. My husband (Big Fish) has been "treating" our daughter (Brookie) to a special ritual before bed. Not only is she allowed some of his blue toothpaste (special because I try to stick with my organic formula), but she is using the toothpaste on MY TOOTHBRUSH. While I am certainly happy that they are practicing proper dental hygiene, I am a little concerned about the whole shared toothbrush concept. I understand that my toothbrush is big and that it is pink, but clearly I need to make a trip to the store to provide another big and pink toothbrush. At least, I hope that will solve the problem. I mean, I already understand that MY TOWEL is the go-to towel when other towels are unavailable. What's next? Maybe if we all ate off one plate and one fork we could save on dishwashing. I'm just kidding; well, yeah, I'm just kidding.

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