Friday, November 8, 2013

Money Saving Suggestions?

Here is copied my Facebook post this morning, "Interested in your thoughts on cell phones as well as internet. Seems like a lot of money goes towards these...just a cell phone for me with average minutes and texting (no data plan) is $68. Our cable TV/wireless internet bundle is $72, and we don't even really watch the TV (mainly use internet/Netflix). Any thoughts, suggestions, or tips on this regarding a way to save money or make improvements? We use Verizon for the phone and CenturyLink for the cable/internet bundle."

I'm paying bills today and feeling the need to re-evaluate where the money goes. If you have thoughts on this or any other money saving tips please share! I would love to collect advice and suggestions.

Thank you. Please have a great day and enjoy the sunshine albeit chilly weather (at least in our corner of the world).

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  1. Hi - we're in much the same boat. We ditched our ATT coverage and phones, and decided to get Trac phones. My husband figured that we would save about 1/2 of our phone costs, monthly. You buy the phones, and you buy the minutes and days of coverage. When I recently needed a new phone (I dropped mine in water), Adam was able to get 3x the number of minutes, for the price of one.
    We also use Netflix, and our TV is basically only for watching DVDs. Netflix is so cheap! But our internet is expensive at about $65/month. There's only one provider here locally, so we have to pay for them.
    We do get better reception here in our rural area, with our Trac phones, than we did with either ATT or Verizon.


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