Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Chocolate

One of the best things about weather that turns chilly or cold.....hands the steaming mug of hot chocolate ready for sipping! My kids, ages 2 and 4, each have their own little mug. Their "hot" chocolate is half milk to cool it. They love our store brand of multi-colored marshmallows.

I prefer two large, regular marshmallows OR a square of my homemade marshmallows. To me, the marshmallow adds the perfect touch. Not only does it provide the sweetness and creaminess, but the marshmallow helps the hot chocolate remain hot! As it melts across the surface it seals in the steam and heat - perfection.

I hope you take time to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate soon!


  1. my kids like their "hot" chocolate too! what is your marshmellow recipe?

  2. Oh fun!! Hasn't quite been hot chocolate wweather yet down here, but I hope it's coming.

    Our kids sometimes have "baby coffee," a few spoonfuls of coffee in the bottom of a mug of milk. I think they'll get a huge kick out of baby hot chocolate done the same way.

  3. We really enjoyed your marshmallows in our hot chocolate at the picnic, you should tell us how you made them :)

    We've been enjoying a lot more hot chocolate than normal this year. We're almost out already, but ours doesn't have marshmallows in it.


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