Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A List

I inherited the list writing gene from my mother. At any given point in the day I have a least 3 lists going; some are short term for the day, and some are more far-reaching (like what needs to be done before Christmas!).

Here is a list of the small and the great from our recent lives:

1. The top of the list is the life-changing event of my father's stroke. At the end of October, his 58-year-old self was changed by a blood clot that traveled to his brain.

2. After over a month of hospitalization in a neuro-intensive care unit, then a stroke ward, then and in-patient therapy facility, dad is now home! We praise God for His mercies.

3. My dad still has major paralysis of his left side, so therapy will continue for at least a year.

4. In two days (if not earlier), the baby inside me will be induced! Friday is two days earlier than her due date.

5. Small Fry was induced two WEEKS before his due date, and he was almost nine pounds!

6. Christmas baking is officially finished! The kids and I made cookies, candy, and Chex Mix. Pans of cinnamon rolls were also baked to gift Sunday School teachers and neighbors (and we're keeping some for us too).

7. Brookie and Small Fry enjoy a "light up the Christmas tree experience" every morning.

8. I don't think I'll stop saying the words "be gentle and kind" until the kids are at leasst teenagers!

9. With the amount of snow we have EACH DAY, the birds seems to be thankful for our feeder. Small Fry reports "Dee, dee, dee" when he notices the chickadees.

10. Big Fish has filled our freezer with his hunting expeditions in our backyard. Any good venison recipes out there?

The tea kettle is whistling; may you also enjoy a nice cup of something warm today!

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