Friday, October 30, 2009


One of the best reasons about moving to our new area is the proximity to some of our family. Big Fish's new job happened to land us in an area about an hour away from my parents! Then, most of my aunt and uncles live about two hours away. We are so thankful; of all the places Big Fish was applying to end up in western PA!

Today we went to visit my grandparents - Brookie and Small Fry's great-grandparents. We are hoping to see them again in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. Which we are supposed to be hosting. In a house on which we haven't signed closing papers yet. Where did the time go?

Here, Brookie and her great-grandma are modeling the latest in designer necklaces. Brookie's necklace actually has a lobster on it.

Sidenote: the second appraisal on our hoped-for house is to be done on Monday. We are looking for some great news (well, great price to be exact).
So, my grandmother set out quite the spread for us today. She always does! Her way of showing love is to feed us! We had beef stew; mashed potatoes; homegrown corn, lima beans and onions; chicken fingers; homemade applesauce; apple AND peach pie; etc. Good thing we raked some leaves beforehand as a kind of pre-calorie workout!

My grandfather, who is 90, just returned from a hunting trip to Colorado. My grandmother called him the Energizer Bunny today! Here he is thrilling the kids with rides on his lawn tractor.

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