Monday, October 19, 2009

Here We Go!!

Wow! What an exciting thing to be writing the first blog post of my life! I have read so many completely amazing blogs and have been inspired by many people to finally just jump in!

So much thought has been spent on thinking about what I would write on a blog if I ever had a blog that I just finally realized that I needed to start. There is so much to learn; so, blogworld, any tips or suggestions you have would be so much appreciated! One specific question I had: what is the protocol for adding blogs to my list of blogs I follow? I have so many good ones! Do I need to email everyone whose blog I read and ask if I can follow them on my blog?

Since our family is preparing to move into a new house - closing date in 3 weeks - this seemed like a good time to start documenting our lives and our adventures. Stay tuned for more on this later.

It's great to be here!


  1. If you can easily change it, maybe make the font either different, darker or larger, it isn't the easiest to read. You don't have ask to follow other blogs. If they have the thing in the sidebar you can just click "follow" and if it doesn't have that you can use Google reader to follow all you blogs you like to read.

  2. What Amy said about following others' blogs is spot on. One nice thing is to leave the author a comment and tell him or her you've linked to them. It's always gratifying and pleasant to be appreciated!

    Kathy H.


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