Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Indian Summer in October

We have been enjoying the sunshine today! I think it might be technically too late to be termed "Indian Summer", but it sure was nice to take a trip to the thrift store today and not have to warm up the car! I didn't even put on a jacket. Having lived in FL before, I certainly know that 60 degree weather would NEVER be classified as any kind of summer; but it sure feels better than 30 degrees.

Yesterday, my two kids and I went to another thrift store. Sidenote: I still don't know if I should use their names in my blog yet. The jury is still out on that one. We are on a mission, people. We are searching for 100% wool sweaters to use in my felt projects. The man of the house still doesn't understand how I can take "perfectly good" sweaters and shrink them beyond recognition and then cut them up!

Here are some of our finds - along with my first uploaded photo! These sweaters have all been felted and are awaiting the knife er scissors.

This sweater says on the label "vintage". I'm assuming that it's really not that old - how would the manufacturer know that? Anyway, the color of this sweater is awesome; it's a great pink; any suggestions or guesses for what it will be used?
I'll be posting a picture or two of some finished products soon!! I need to figure out how to link my etsy shop to this blog. I think it's up there, but other people's blogs have pictures with theirs. I have to figure that out!! I have a lot to learn. Thanks, Amy, for the font suggestions. I hope this is better - more readable. Let me know what else I can improve!


  1. Hey, Sarah, welcome to Blogland, and back to SW Pennsy!

    Great finds for the felting work. More flowers on tap?

    Actually, it's a little early for Indian summer. Usually comes later in autumn after we've had even more freezing weather. The Brits call it "Martinmas Summer," after the 11th of November, St. Martin's day.

    Whatever it is we're enjoying now, I'm glad for more time to maybe give the last green peppers a chance to grow big enough to eat.

    Kathy H.

    PS-- You could give the kids pseudonyms? Or cute nicknames?

  2. i've been toying w/ felting my old sweaters, but i have no idea what to do with them. one of my friends just uses the first initial for her kids in her blog. i go back and forth depending on my mood =)

  3. I just turned some of the sweaters I've been gathering into soakers finally. There are a lot of cute soakers and longies people sell on etsy, I don't know if that would be worth it or not. I guess a lot of people make bags/purses too, but you probably already thought of that.

    What would be the reason for not using their first names?


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