Friday, October 23, 2009

Separation Anxiety

I know a lot of people are thankful for Fridays; the weekend is often a time to relax or maybe do things around the house. Our little family is especially excited about Fridays because we are reunited with Big Fish! During our time of transition, while we are waiting to close on the house, the kids and I are able to stay with my parents. Big Fish travels up to work e-a-r-l-y Monday morning and stays at a place close to his employment until Friday afternoon. We have done this since mid-August.

Needless to say, when the weekend comes, we are quite happy. My parents only live about an hour and a half away from Big Fish's new job and where we hope to live, but we are trying to save a little on gas money - not to mention how tiring in would be to drive 3 hours a day. We sure have a whole new level of appreciation for people who have long commutes or are separated from the families for a lot longer time period.

Moving from Virginia, we are SO excited to be much closer to my parents. Little weekend visits will be such a breeze! I think Brookie and Small Fry are excited, too. They love their daddy!

Hopefully this weekend, I'll share some pictures of the apple crisp that was made yesterday. It is now almost gone, so it's a good thing I took some pictures already! I would love to share the recipe, too!


  1. Oh, that's hard. I've started this fall to be gone a couple days a week (with the kids) to teach piano about an hour and a half away from our house, and it really does change things (even though we're only away from Tim a couple of days a week).

    So glad you're near your parents, though. Bet they're having a blast!

  2. hiya!

    found you in the etsy forums and wanted to pop by and welcome you to the blogosphere. :) i know what you mean when you say that you go through your day and thinking "i can post this to my blog!" - the addiction starts early!

    anyhow, hope you have a wonderful weekend - and can't wait to see your apple crisp recipe!


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