Monday, November 2, 2009

We've Got Nothin'...

as far as Halloween costumes go! Check out all this great fun from other people:

In this post, I love how the whole family was involved. They look so great!
Have a glance at this amazing costume!
Amy did such a wonderful job with her little guy's getup.
This Curious George theme just killed me. Take a look!

So, what do we have? Here, this is what is on my camera from the weekend:

This, people, is a naked kid with 2 small pumpkins! His sister calls them "punkins".

Disclaimer - we actually had costumes that we actually put on the kids, but we didn't get pictures! I think I'll coin a new phrase for this situation: "parental error".
Enjoy your "punkins"!


  1. Your first three links are not working. Just erase the little bit, that blogger starts for you when you try to add a link (something like "http...."), before you paste the address.


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