Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation State of Mind

Last week the kids and I traveled to VA. We wanted to visit our friends/church family, as it has been almost a year since we moved away. How wonderful it was to meet new babies, see new houses, and catch up with our buddies!

My children were wonderful on the trip! The only thing I'm changing in preparation for this week's journey is buying a sun visor for the back seat windows. Small Fry in particular cries when the sun is in his eyes. I also bought them some travel size etch-a-sketch boards, so those hopefully will be entertaining.

This week we are headed to DC for a tiny family vacation. I looked over last night at an email Big Fish was writing to himself. I assumed it was a little itinerary, so I immediately exclaimed at the amount of time he had us spending at the Air and Space Museum. He patiently explained that he was only writing the daily hours of a few points of interest. Silly me!

I have never, ever been to DC; so I am excited to do a little exploring. One of the most exciting things for Big Fish and I will be the different foods we will consume! We are making a list of top-rated ethnic restaurants to try, for out here in the country we only have the occasional pizza night! I have to admit that my mouth is watering already (I'm also very late in eating lunch today!).

Here's to family vacations!

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