Thursday, July 22, 2010

Normal, Busy Day

A random list:

1. One of the items on my spring cleaning list was to clean my oven. Well, today it is officially scrubbed. I feel like my target heart rate was reached in doing that job.

2. Pandora radio is awesome. Today the kids and I are working to the tunes from my Johnny Cash station.

3. We used the first cucumbers from our garden (and my parents' garden) to make a huge jar of refrigerator pickles. They are yummy! Big Fish actually sliced all the cucumbers for me. The pickles taste even better because of that.

4. Why do my kids' fingernails and toenails grow so fast?

5. Every time Small Fry gets hurt he runs to the freezer and waits for me to put an ice cube in a baggie for him to carry around.

6. Baby vegetables are fascinating! The kids LOVE to do a daily garden check to look at the green tomatoes and tiny watermelons.

7. Brookie told me that the new little baby growing in by belly is a little sister named Molly.

8. I just can't believe how blessed we are; Big Fish's mother is moving in right next door. She'll be around when the new baby comes and everything. Actually she's moving up from FL in a few weeks. Wow!

9. So far we've had zucchini casserole, zucchini cake, and grilled zucchini. We love it.

10. Leftover chicken from last night is about to be made into cheesy biscuits and veggies for dinner!

Have a productive day!


  1. 4. Its just ridiculous, I can not keep up with nails at all.

  2. Great list. #4 is so adorable!!!

  3. Just made chocolate zucchini bread. Yum! I'm convincing myself it is a healthy snack option :-)

    I'm so glad to hear your mother-in-law is officially moving up! Wonderful!


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