Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Hello, Monday morning! Wow do we have a lot to do to catch up! Hopefully, the laundry piles will diminish today as well as the weeds growing in the garden.

The kids and I must make the grocery run to pick up the week's supplies and then come home and continue with the catching up. I need to bake something; we seem to have apples and bananas that need to be used.

We were excited to see lots of baby cucumbers and yellow squash in the garden and baby green tomatoes too! We're a little disappointed in the state of our zucchini; we found two babies. That seems to be a little low for zucchini!

Our last few days of vacation were a whirlwind: we toured the zoo and the aquarium, visited the monuments, returned to Chinatown for more yumminess, watched a movie, swam in the pool, etc. Some great food included: sushi, coconut milk soup, soft shelled crab, Lebanese sandwiches, strawberry/dark chocolate crepe, apple/cinnamon crepe, our weight in fresh berries from the hotel's breakfast buffet as well as a mushroom strata, etc. I have to figure out something to make for dinner!

Well, here's to starting the week with a bang!

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