Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day One of Vacation is Through!

Interesting night in the hotel with two kids in my bed - check
Museum of Natural History - check
Air and Space Museum - check
Near death experience on the metro rail - check
Chinatown - check
Evening swim at the hotel - check

What a fun and busy day! I'm sure glad that I'm only 15 or 16 weeks pregnant and not much more, for we've walked so much today.

The near death experience was due to the fact that we took our strollers on the escalator (the elevator was broken). I somehow got stuck at the bottom with Small Fry in his stroller. I had visions in those seconds of us being crushed - or at least my feet being amputated. Fortunately, I used my adrenaline rush to get us over that final step. We started going down the escalator facing forward; I excited with the stroller going backward!

We had an amazing dinner in Chinatown consisting of steamed dumpling, homemade noodles (the guy was making them in a window off the street), and Peking duck. Big Fish bemoaned the fact that our hotel fridge is miniscule; we would have done some damage to takeout food!

Tomorrow is living creature day - hoping to hit the zoo and the National Aquarium!

Here's to rests in the shade!

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