Monday, June 21, 2010

You Never Know What Might be Needed

Last week I was about to make a dinner for someone in our church. I had the bare bones of the dinner (the meat and the bread), but I needed a few more ingredients. I sat down to make out my list; I had to smile at the rather random things that I eventually put on paper.

1. Sour Cream
2. Fly swatter
3. Ritz crackers
4. glycerin
5. fresh vegetable
6. fruit fly trap
7. bananas
8. poppyseeds
9. cheddar cheese
10. disposable baking pan

The chicken casserole was quickly finished. The broccoli and cucumbers made some easy side dishes. My kids are enjoying their breakfast bananas.

I had the most difficult time tracking down the glycerin. The kids and I bought a large bubble wand that claims to make bubbles the size of beach balls. The homemade bubble solution directions suggest using a few drops of glycerin to help stabilize the bubbles. We haven't tried it out yet, but we now have all the ingredients!

I'm hoping the fruit fly trap works, as we keep a small bucket of veggie scraps under the sink. The bucket is lidded, and this is the transitional receptacle until I take it outside to our larger compost bin. I would like to save myself running out to the compost bin every time I peel an apple! I realize we live in the country, and it's normal to have a few bugs around. I'm just not comfortable with flies or fruit flies!

We actually have a couple stray lightning bugs in the house. Last night Big Fish was out in the yard with a Mason jar collecting about 15 of the buggies. He and Brookie concocted a plan to keep the jar in her room overnight! We had fun releasing them this morning "to go get their breakfasts". I wonder if they'll make this a nightly routine?

Happy summer to you!

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