Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Still Here! Busy Summering!

Hello, little blog!  I thought, since the laptop is now in working order (something happened with the hard drive and also something else - I don't know details), I'd check in.  Boy has the time been passing super fast; I can't believe all the back-to-school posts and activities around.

My goal today is to take my camera outside to snap pictures of the fairy garden the girls and I have been putting together.  We had an unwelcome visitor, in the form of a black bear, come around while we were attending a picnic yesterday evening.  We need to re-adjust our garden a bit, for that bear dug up some flowers (I think the bear was attracted to the compost/manure blended in the soil mix).  I also want a picture of the baby bunnies!

Jacob and Abigail are mainly involved in our rabbitry endeavor.  Through the generosity of a teenage friend from church they inherited some rabbit cages, feed, shavings, water bottles, and a rabbit named General.  We acquired 2 doe rabbits from a local breeder.  So, we have one litter that has arrived a couple of weeks ago; and we hope in a few more weeks to have some more babies!  Thankfully the cute little babies become not-so-cute when we use them for our meals.  We have been enjoying taming the 2 mama rabbits, and General was already pretty tame when we obtained him.  What rabbit can resist a hand offering it clover and lettuce?  Oh!  I almost forgot the kids' names for the rabbits:  Abigail has named her rabbit "Verbena" after a flower we have, and Jacob has named his "Red Eye" for practical purposes :)

Finally in this jumble of a post, I tried a new recipe.  Through generosity of another family from church (maybe you should come to our church!) we had some wonderful green beans!!!  For a couple of years now I've read canning articles and canning cookbooks with recipes for dilly beans.....thought I'd try a few jars.  Those pints were put up yesterday, and they look so nice!  The true taste test occurs in 2 weeks.

Well, TTFN!  Off to fill the coffee mug! 

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