Friday, August 7, 2015

A Fun Little Happening

We have a lovely lady in our church named Garnet (I even love her name!).  She sits in the pew next to us, but she also happens to live less than 5 minutes from our house.  Here husband Bill passed away this summer; he was the last male charter member of our church actually!  While he was still alive my husband would be part of a crew to help Bill up the stairs into our church sanctuary.

Garnet has been going on and on to me that she wants to give our family a cake!  Her relative is a caterer, and Garnet wanted her to make us a cake for us.  Isn't that so kind?  Well, you should see this cake that is now in my refrigerator!  The obtaining of it was a little story itself!

'Twas a dark night last night.  Thursday evenings I regular drive (about 30 minutes) to Grove City to attend Knit Night at the downtown ice cream shop (Sweet Jeannie's).  Last night after knitting I had to pick up a few groceries as well.  I was more late than usual driving home.

My phone rang with a "restricted" number, so I did not answer.  Just as I heard the beep for a new voicemail I also had a new text message come in from ANOTHER friend saying that Garnet was trying to get in touch.  I hurriedly listened to the voicemail which was indeed Garnet saying she had driven to our house with a cake (!), but she went home because no one seemed to be home.  Now, Garnet had never driven to our house before!  I still am so impressed she tried to find our house around 9 p.m. to give us this cake! 

I do believe she was in our driveway, but since I was at Knit Night and Big Fish had put the kids in bed and was watching a movie the house was pretty dark.  Also, our house is far back off the road; I just can't even imagine Garnet's perseverance!!  They were late in coming because on their (she and a cousin) way back from picking up the cake they came across a huge tree down in the road.  They had to do all kinds of backtracking to get to our area.

Finally I talked to her on the phone and told her I was still driving home and would be coming RIGHT BY her house in about 10 minutes.  Of course she was waiting for me on her front porch, and I picked up this cake.  Just take a minute to look at this cake:

Her relative, whom we have never met, collected from Garnet the information that we have "kids, bees, and other critters running around"; so this is the decal she picked.  I am just tickled pink with those bees all over the sides.  Isn't this just the most lovely thing.....a cake this fancy made especially for us.  What an adventure!  I told Garnet I would show the kids the cake when they woke up in the morning and take a picture.  We cannot wait to eat this!  Thank you, Garnet and your cake-making relative!

TTFN!  We're off to spend the day at Grandma and Grandad's!

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