Monday, August 31, 2015

Just a Quick Hello!

Hi, friends!

A little greeting on this Monday morning will help the day start right!  I've had snippets of blog posts, but nothing has materialized yet!  This week looks to be kind of a funny week because we are all thinking thoughts of Fall, yet the forecast is calling for some very hot days!

The kids (and I!) are easing into the school routine.  We all love picking out new pencils and notebooks.  Even littlest girl, who is not really in school, was thrilled to have her new green notebook.  I was thrilled it was 17 cents!

We hope (since Labor Day gives us an extra day of Big Fish at home) to process our turkeys this weekend.  The turkeys have been weighed, and Saturday has been designated.  Our biggest tom weighs 50 pounds!!!  Dressed in my freezer we are going to have quite a Thanksgiving dinner.  I'll let you know his final weight.

I am knitting up a storm!  My goal is to make one thing a day to add to my bath and body products, so I am working on washcloths and other little knitted goodies.  I might have to expand to 2 tables and a shelf for display purposes!

Finally for today, our 2nd doe rabbit had her babies last week.  We are excited to see them emerge from their fur nest; there are 6 of the little babies. 

TTFN!  Hope your week is a blessed one!

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