Monday, May 4, 2015

Two Funny Situations

We are busy as my honeybees around here lately!  We hurry to finish the school paperwork, so we can get outside to learn in the outdoor classroom.  Spring means new critters and new plants, and boy do we have ever so much to learn!  I thought I'd share two things that have made me giggle:

Thing the first......I bought 10 blueberry bushes.  The ENTIRE experience was rather in exhausting actually because we didn't just buy most of  the bushes at the local nursery.  Oh no, we found a plant auction that was nearby.  I went with 2 kids while Big Fish took 2 kids to church workday.  Did I mention that 1 of my kids is in the midst of potty training, so there's that.  Ended up I spent 6 hours at the auction because the blueberries didn't go on the block until the end.  Oh well, I did come home with 7 bushes and scavenged 3 more at a nearby nursery. 

A few days later we had the time to put the bushes in the ground.  Wouldn't you know that after Big Fish dug 4-5 holes, and I planted 2 bushes that we decided that soil was not good in that area.  So, we hauled the 10 bushes (heavy in their 2-4 gallon pots) to ANOTHER location; I had to dig up (!) the 2 already-planted ones.  I was just thinking in my mind that if a stranger were peaking in on us they would most definitely think we were insane.  We felt insane finishing up that job too, but at least the blueberry prospects are in the ground in a place we all feel is suitable!

Thing the second.....the great baby turkey transfer.  We've had our 4 young turkeys (named Coconut, Squirrel, Soap, and Chester) in the house until a couple of days ago.  They have enough feathers to be out of the living room...yay!  We chicken-wired up a stall in our barn, and that is their new home.  We are concerned that a racoon or weasel could still get to them though.  Our solution (refer to the insane comment earlier) is to shut the turkeys INTO the racoon trap at night.  The trap is very secure; and our theory is if the trap can keep a racoon in, well it should be able to keep a racoon (or weasel or fox or whatever) out!  So, we are the people who trap our turkeys every night :)  We'll do something different as the fowl get bigger.  I'll keep you posted.

Hope you're having a great Monday wherever you are - TTFN!

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  1. Hi Sarah! I'm chuckling (sorry!) at your blueberry adventure and hope your bushes all take well to the transplanting. We have four blueberry bushes that are all filled with what I pray will be a terrific harvest! You will be swimming in blueberries with your ten bushes!

    We are brooding a new flock of layers as well as a flock of meat birds in our garage (they are one week old today and need to go outside asap -- stinky!). Anyway, as soon as we move the layers out of their brooder, I'll be picking up a few turkey chicks to brood. We've never raised our own turkeys before, but I'm eager to give it a go!

    Hope all else is well on your PA homestead! We are just about finished with the school year and are eager to put the books away for the summer!

    xo Lisa :)


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