Thursday, March 5, 2015

Old Recipes

I almost titled this post "Odd Recipes".  My mom passed along a stack of newspaper clippings and other papers of mostly the cooking variety.  I'm sifting through the pile and collecting several yummy sounding ideas that would mainly fall under the "Christmas Cookie" heading.

But there are a few gems.  I tried to include the publications if possible in order to credit these whoppers:

1.  For part of your holiday buffet, please include a Flaming Cabbage.  "Clean a large cabbage.  Curl outer leaves back from top.  Cut out center; hollow it out about 6 in. deep.  Place a canned heat lamp in the cavity.  Place cabbage on serving plate.  Surround with frilly parsley.  Thrust wooden picks through cocktail sausages, and stick into the cabbage.  Stick an olive onto end of each (to protect fingers from flame).  Guests broil their own sausages.  From Betty Crocker's Party Calendar (January idea).

2.  The description of the Nonsweet Almond Hearts just makes me want to rush right out and make them:  "A bland cookie that appeals to those not fond of very sweet things".   From "The Cllector's Cook Book" #59.

3.  Mock Chicken Legs from the February section of Betty Crocker's Party Calender.  It involves canned spiced pork, Wheaties, canned pineapple, etc.

4.  And my personal favorite:  "SPAMwich with Cranberry".  "Cover lightly-toasted bread with sliced SPAM and dab of mustard, then a slice of cheese.  Broil 'til cheese softens.  Top with slice of jellied cranberry; broil again briefly."  From "A treasury of ideas for the Holidays" by General Mills.  Yes!  My life is incomplete.  Someone please make me a spamwich with cranberry.

I'm going to stop at this point.  Let me know if you need other holiday ideas!  TTFN


  1. My grandma used to cut out recipes and put them into photo albums for her granddaughters. I am sad that I tossed mine years ago...I'm certain it would've contained similar recipe treasures. :)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Hope all is well in PA. Just stopping by to let you know I've nominated you for a blog award:
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Lisa


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