Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Knitting Progress

Today's yarn/knitting update is due to motivation!  My husband's birthday is next week, and I really really wanted to get this sweater done for him.  Let's not think about the fact that I also really really wanted to get it done for his Christmas present....'kay? 

My second motivating influence is brand new yarn from Great Britain!!  I cannot wait to use it and start a cardigan project (for me), but my self-imposed limitation was to finish Big Fish's sweater first!  I'm down to about 10 centimeters on the crewneck collar and then seam up the underarms and weave in the ends.  Woohoo!!  Here's a little picture update:

This small person appeared when I had my camera out:

Joining in on the yarn along today.....also, no picture, but I'm reading a lovely book:  "The Girl of the Limberlost".

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  1. Lovely sweater!! I am partial to natural colored wool yarn.

  2. I love Girl of the Limberlost, it's such a beautiful book! And that sweater - what a lucky guy. It is one of my goals this year or next to knit my husband a sweater but yarn for adult sweaters are expensive so I keep pushing it back!

  3. Look at those blue eyes! :)
    Nice progress on the sweater!


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