Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Thoughts With Photos

It has been quite hot and humid in these here parts, but we were able to have a front yard picnic before the heat set in. My parents joined us, and I totally cut the baby out of the picture. She is in her car seat relaxing in the breeze.

My sign has been "installed" in the front yard! I'm hoping the campground down the road will help supply some customers.

Over the past weekend we traveled to Dayton, OH on a little family trip. We visited some relatives and had a lovely time visiting a working farm modeled after an 1800's homestead, a children's museum, the Air Force Museum, etc. I visited a yarn shop, flower nurseries, and a thrift store. The yarn shop produced some lovely fiber for spinning (another post); the nurseries gave ideas for a fairy garden or terrarium; and the thrift store was a quite productive stop. I missed the day of the week when everything is 50% off, but I still found some "stuff":

Included in the pile is a skein of Icelandic yarn, 2 men's polos, several long sleeve shirts for Brookie's fall wardrobe, a puzzle for Minnow, the classic game of Twister, a silk necktie to cut up for Easter egg dyeing, several books, and 3 dress shirts for Small Fry. I spent a hair under $32 for the lot.

Hope the weather is cooling off for you in your part of the world!

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  1. I wish the weather were cooling off here, but boy, it's NOT! I think we have a couple of months to go, at least. Your sign is beautiful! I need to get one of those. What a good idea! Your trip sounds fun, esp. the thrift store. That's one of my favorite things to do, esp. when I find great deals. Stay cool!


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