Monday, June 25, 2012

Crazy Eyes

This photo demonstrates the baby's precious smile as well as her completely surprised and wild eyes that she often uses:

Sometimes all you can do is find a box and sit in it:

Today I took the yarn that I have been spinning (a wool and silk blend) and plied it. Then, I "set the twist" by soaking in hot and then cold water.

Lastly (no picture provided), the weight loss update: just click away if this is of no interest to you! I'm just trying to keep myself accountable. The scale read 184.2 pounds today. I'm still in the "approaching obese" category according to some medical charts...yikes. But! I did lose over 3 pounds this past week, so progress is being made.

Hope the week is a great one for you!

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  1. Oh, I miss the days when my kids could be entertained by sitting in a box! So cute :) The yarn looks great! What does it mean to "ply" the yarn -- does that mean to twist it, as the photo shows?


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