Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Wow, it's already past 3 in the afternoon! I enjoy Mondays actually because they mean the kids and I have a quiet day at home to catch up after the various activities on Saturday and church on Sunday. My husband and I often remind each other that the Sabbath will become a restful day again someday, as 4 children 6 and under require a lot of maintenance! From wearing nice clothes to spreading out to various Sunday school rooms to later nap times, it makes for a rather hectic day! We are thankful for our church family with many in the same boat as us with young children.

Today we have been doing some baking and closet organization. The kids helped with mixing up the muffins and rolling the dough balls for snickerdoodles. I have a kid's cookbook, and we are trying the whole wheat version of snickerdoodles. They smell yummy coming out of the oven (I'm writing this blog post in between pulling out cookie pans).

The garden is starting; the garden is starting! We already have had bunches of yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and fresh herbs. Big Fish used my mandolin slicer to help me make my gallon jar of refrigerator pickles. We are thinking our neighbors might start locking their doors against us, as they see us come bearing squash! I really think that my honeybees have helped so much with the pollination of the squash plants. That is another thing I hope to do this week, check the hive. If there is honey capped, I will have to track down the loan of an extractor.

Small Fry just informed me that he needs to go check for groundhogs. Between his hourly garden checks and his daddy's gun, our garden has remained fairly varmint free! We did have a mole chew through one cucumber vine, actually.

We now come to the weight loss update portion of the blog. If you don't care (really, I don't mind), just go ahead and stop reading! Today's scale reading was 178.2 pounds. On this the baby's 3 month birthday, I think back to the fact that I weighed in at 216 pounds before she was born! Of course it is hard work to watch what I'm eating and keep rolling out of bed to exercise. Thankfully, loss is still happening! The hardest day was Saturday when we had my family over, and I kept handing out ice cream cones and such. I have found a nice drink that helps with my sweet tooth control: Italian soda made with sugar free syrup, club soda, and a bit of half and half.

Well, looks like we're in for another hot week! We're praying for some rain. Hope you are enjoying a dip in the pool somewhere!


  1. Congrats to you on your weight loss! That's really a significant accomplishment. I should be doing the same thing, but I'm not. At least I'm not gaining, but it would be nice to be losing :) We're gonna have a HOT week too - esp. tomorrow. I'm weary with this. I told my husband today I can't wait to have 70 degree days, and go bike riding :)

  2. Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say hi, it is so nice to meet you. Thank you for becoming my newest follower. Congrats on your weight loss!! That is wonderful. My baby is 17 and I don't think I ever lost my baby weight. :) Round is a shape right?
    I saw the picture of your yarn that you spun, it is beautiful. I can appreciate it now. Your garden sounds wonderful. My garden is doing very well too.
    Your baby is precious. You have your hands full. I laughed about you getting them ready for church. When ours were small and I had six of them to get ready, it was quite a chore.
    Oh, I am from My Field of Dreams :)


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