Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things on a Thursday

1. The Garden: preparations are being made for our first cannerful of green beans this evening. Big Fish found a large canning pressure-cooker at a flea market. We did a trial run last week to learn what to do and produced 2 quarts of green beans. Tonight is the real deal. I had to giggle because my husband has never heard the magic "pop" of a sealing jar lid. It's a delightful little noise!

2. The Children: it's too hot to bake today, but the the kids and I are about to make little snack cookies that look like little hamburgers. Nilla Wafers are the "buns", and peppermint patties are the "burgers". We'll share them at a playdate tomorrow.

3. The Children Again: yesterday a new little friend kept commenting that our baby was the "funniest baby doll ever because she keeps opening her eyes". I and the girl's mom kept telling her that the baby was real! Tee hee!

Woo it is hot here; thermometer reads 90 degrees. The humidity is the kicker, though. Enjoy some iced coffee peeps!

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