Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moving and Unpacking

Hi, friends!

Last Friday, January 31st we signed lots of papers: we sold our house and turned around and bought another one all in one day! I think that my husband and I would agree that last week was, um, hard. The owners of the new-to-us house graciously allowed us to start moving our belongings in during the week. This was the week of all kinds of weather events; namely, cold, cold, COLD, temperatures. After the moving truck would not start for an entire day the repairman said that our best course of action was to leave the truck running! That baby ran for 60 hours straight.

So, here we are in a new location about 13 minutes from our old house. We love the house and are learning how to take care of an outdoor wood burner. Oh - I almost forgot...due to the cold weather our chicken coop was frozen to the ground. The buyers have graciously allowed us to leave it there until the weather thaws. In God's providence there is a coop at our new house, so my husband dutifully packed the hens in boxes along with the rest of our belongings :) I took a tumble in the snow when we were carrying the honey bee hive, but no bees seemed to have been harmed in the process!

Maybe one of these days I'll find the camera! The kids are buzzing around finding toys in boxes and enjoying the spaciousness of the new place. I can't wait until they can go crazy outside too!

Now for a hot cup of coffee and unpacking the china cabinet! Have a warm day; TTFN!


  1. oh my goodness! so exciting and classic home-move stuff! Glad you are settling in and hope you warm up soon. I toast you with my decaf earl grey!!

  2. Yes! It has been cold! Found your blog through the blog swap - nice "meeting" you! I'm in Morgantown, so not too far away.


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