Friday, January 17, 2014

Call Me Crazy

I started a 3-day detox right in the middle of packing to move in two weeks! People, it just had to happen. While my exercise has been maintained throughout Christmas vacation the eating has just spiraled to bad levels. Some breakfasts and lunches (for me - I still make my kids eat better) may or may not have included things like Christmas cookies, popcorn, and chocolate with nary a fruit or veggie to be found. The body is just not supposed to live like that. I am called to be a steward of my flesh. While my flesh really enjoys Christmas cookies (tee hee), there is just only so much sugar that should be coming in. For the next day and a half I'll continue with my fruit and veggie smoothies and try to smile through the headache that my bad-food-addicted body is producing. It gets better, right?

Which brings me to another update: we are moving! If we can get all the agreements and paperwork and packing and everything (whew!) done the closing will be in two weeks exactly! Have I mentioned before one of the things with which God answered our prayers? We put our house on the market right before Thanksgiving. Really, this is not a good time to put a home for sale; people are busy traveling and visiting with family! Well, we had one showing of our house. One! That showing resulted in the contract. We had one other showing after we had the agreement with the first couple. Isn't that crazy?

Lydia is beside me right now asking to have a story read. Why am I still writing this blog entry? :) Happy weekend to you!

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  1. Congrats on the house sale! That is quite an accomplishment these days. And just think of the detox as getting your body in its best shape so you'll have good energy for the move :)


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