Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating and Making

We are home! At least it is starting to feel like home. The mountain of boxes is now relegated to the garage, and we started this week with some normal routines. Monday-laundry-folding has happened, and is still happening. The vacuum has been unearthed, and the broom and dustpan stand ready for me to finish this blog post. We have carpet in the living room and bedrooms; and the dining room, kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms are some kind of laminate.

I also am quite excited with some prospects for my raw materials: three orders for body butters and lip balms have been placed. I have a secret pal, a pen pal, and a blog swap pal all awaiting a fun package. And, my local shop is running low on lotion bars. It is high time, High Time to get some making and creating going on :)

Funny sidenote: my poor chickens are as confused as ever. With all the cold weather, I've been running a heat lamp for them. They think daylight is all-the-time. We've been inundated with eggs!

Good news on the camera front - it has been located. Now to find the cable! Someday, little blog, we will have a picture or two.

XOXO to you!

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