Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Recap and Such

Today is the soft opening of homeschool; tomorrow is the grand opening. We are celebrating my parents' anniversary today. What better way to mark 37 years than with homemade peach pie and homemade whipped cream?

Our summer ended with a bang. We squeezed every last drop of fun out of our long weekend. We sure do miss Big Fish when he goes to work!

Last Friday night we enjoyed dinner with friends. I am always impressed when somebody invites our family of 6 over! We enjoyed dinner, dessert, and a stroll around the grounds (their backyard has a swingset and a little garden with the most exciting crop of butternut squash on a trellis!). Friends are fun, and we are thankful for them and their fellowship.

Saturday was Fair Day! We had off to the Big Knob Grange Fair. Highlights included: a super friendly baby calf, a honeybee observation hive, teaching my kids the rules of the tractor pull, and wonderful strawberry and raspberry milkshakes for the kids. One attraction to this particular fair was the free admission. We had a nice morning of walking around with my parents. We were quite the caravan with a wheelchair, a stroller, and a baby in the backpack! Jacob did ask me why the rabbits had so many chocolate chips in their cages!

Sunday was church, communion, and a much needed nap for many of us. We were blessed with record attendance at our little country church. We had many college students from Grove City, so it will be exciting to make new friends.

Yesterday Big Fish and I tag teamed. He took Jacob for a father/son outing in the morning while I did some cleaning and laundry, and I took Abigail for a mother/daughter outing while Big Fish fixed dinner and hooked up my Kindle to the wireless network. I say "hooked up" because I really don't know what he did to get it to work!

The father/son outing was an early morning of fishing and breakfast out. This was Jacob's first experience fishing like daddy. Usually they fish at a pond when the kids are involved. Daddy likes to wade and fish a stream, so Jacob is learning the ropes. He had fun and didn't even fall in. I asked him if he saw any wildlife; he said, "not even a raccoon!" I think Jacob may talk a little and scare the animals :)

Abigail and I did many things! We went out to lunch at her choice of restaurant....the Chinese buffet! We are fancy, folks. I enjoyed watching her eat boiled crayfish, shrimp, squid, chicken on a stick, and some sushi rolls. At 7 years old, she seems to take after daddy's adventurous eating habits. Since the buffet is in the mall we strolled to the other end and picked up some hair elastics for the girls to share. Then we hopped in the car, picked up a cold drink from a drive-thru, and headed to the playground. Alameda Park in Butler has a nice outdoor playground - large, cushioned outdoor flooring, and lots of slides and climbing wall type things. Abigail enjoyed boppping around while I walked with her a bit and also did a little knitting. Then we headed to Panera and did a little reading and knitting (Abigail is learning!). Finally we picked up a few essentials at the grocery store - you know, the necessary butter and whipping cream that we all need. Actually, we needed these things for the peach pie.

After arriving home, we had a nice regrouping of the family over a big dinner of grilled chicken, cheesy spinach, and rice. I think we all slept soundly last night; I know I did!

Hope you all had a happy time with friends and family this past weekend!


  1. Sounds like a sweet and well-planned weekend! Enjoy school too :) I'm so happy to know your girl is learning to knit -- we need to pass on these skills.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    What a simply splendid day! I am sure that the kids felt loved and special. My grand children are just about the same age as yours. I wonder if you are the same age as my girls. My daughter is expecting her 4th at the end of November and my DIL has four boys, I am so glad you read my entry today. I left out the part about the bad days when I wished for a yellow school bus to take them. Now, so glad I never gave up to my doubts. I really, really thought I would mess them up. We do laugh about all of the things they did.
    Do you know there were many days I said, " forget this", and would grab a book and a box of leggos and that was all we did for the day. I read out loud the most I think. It is okay. God is always so gracious. As my husband always said, " Having them accept Christ and make Him their Lord was more important than all of the reading and writing and arithmetic. God would take care of the rest." He did. :)
    If I can figure out how to start a blog just for homeschooling I will send you a link. I would love to have you a long for the ride. :) If you would like.
    Not teaching this year is so hard, I miss it very much.
    Have a lovely week, and God called you because you and your husband are the best teachers for the blessings that God has given you now. God Bless

  3. Sorry Sarah, I wanted to respond to your comment, about the bones and fossils. What it showed my kids when it happened they were young teenagers then it showed them that the earth was not old like they would hear every where. It also showed them proof of a world wide flood. That was why we took them to sites like that so they could handle and see for themselves. Some of the blood in the bones wasn't gone either that was what was so freaky to me. I am a Biblical Creationist. It showed my kids more about God's Word and it's truth than anything I ever could have said. You can delete this comment if you wish, I do not like to cause problems to others who do not share my view. That was why I was so careful today. :)



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