Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Posts in One

I have some pictures to share. The common denominator is my kids are in all of them! The unrelated part....I'm providing pictures of knitted items and then pictures from the rodeo. These pictures were all taken the same day, so there is that.

I set a goal for last week: to finish a project a day. I have so, so many things on my knitting needles; and it was just getting ridiculous. While I did not quite reach the goal of a project for every day, I did finish 5 things in the last week and a half! I finished a hat, two cowls, and 2 washcloths. I didn't picture the washcloths, but I do have several listed in my etsy shop (wink!).

Let's face it; the following pictures are really just of the kids. My attempts at proper lighting and showing the details of my knitting never actually happened!

Susanna was enjoying a banana coconut muffin while stylin' the oversized hat.

Lydia takes her job of saying cheese for the camera very seriously!

Jacob knows a good cowl when he sees one. Abigail decided not to partake in this photo session because the cowls were "too hot for today". Okay!

Now, we have a few rodeo pictures. The North Washington Rodeo is a great time! It has become a family tradition. Jacob's favorite part is the bull riding. Abigail enjoyed a root beer float and screaming "woohoo" in my ear :) Lydia enjoyed her glow necklace and "horses and bulls too, mom". Susanna pointed to all the horses (takes after mama) and bites of ice cream and french fries were savored.

Tuesday night was family night. My husband said we got our money's worth because kids got in free with paying parents. The weather was great, and my husband and I enjoyed watching our kids taking in the sights. I was scoping out styles of cowboy boots and thinking of a possible Christmas present idea...just being honest! I like the plain brown leather with maybe a touch of turquoise accents :)

Happy end-of-summer-back-to-school to you! Squeeze in these last summer drops of fun!


  1. Love the knits and the rodeo pictures! It looks like everyone did have fun :)

  2. Your cowls looks so soft! Nice yarn and nice patterns. I've never been to a rodeo, but we're hoping to get to our local county fair this fall. I love these activities that say, "Autumn is on the way!"

  3. Lovely photos Sarah! Such cute kids. What fun to take them to the rodeo.
    Your knitting looks wonderful.
    I hope you have an amazing day today.


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