Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're Home!

Now.....if I could just find my camera to take a couple of pictures of the progress! We are officially in our new (to us) house and working on unpacking. We have a lot to be thankful for, and we are enjoying the views of the woods around us. This morning I saw some kind of woodpecker from the kitchen window. We've hung a bird feeder and suet feeder and have sighted some nuthatches, titmice, bluejays, etc. Yes, the pesky squirrels have shown up as well!

Exactly five days after moving in we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my side of the family. Dinner was actually the Friday after Thanksgiving, and there were 21 people in attendance. It was so fun to show our place to my dad's parents and his three siblings. I've started a guestbook to coincide with the beginning of life in the new house.

Well, blog readers, I'm back to the world of unpacking. We just hooked up to the internet yesterday, so I'm looking forward to "getting back to the swing of things" - as the saying goes! Hopefully, I'll be starting some crafty type things soon! I have some Christmas baking - cookies especially - to hopefully share as well! Cheers for now!

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