Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Off to be a Good Little Consumer

The kids and I are venturing out in the snow to add our stimulus to the economy. On the list today: pick up some wine for visiting house guests, find a pine wreath for the house, purchase a welcome mat on which to wipe muddy feet, buy groceries, etc.

One other thing I have to buy - a card reader for the computer. Due to the fact that we have a newer computer and an older camera, a simple cable is not doing the trick to get pictures up on this blog. I am so thankful Big Fish knows his way around technology! Someday, soon, dear blog readers I can show you some pictures of the house and our tree.

Since Brookie has decided that cleaning the windows involves licking her finger and rubbing it all over the glass, I must now go and introduce her to the finer points of housekeeping. Stay warm and cozy!

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