Friday, December 11, 2009

A Discussion on Firewood

I had a chimney guy come out yesterday to put a lock-top damper on our fireplace chimney. Today we are supposed to get some firewood delivered. Hopefully, we'll be able to cut and stack our own wood in the future. In many situations the wood needs time to dry and season. We would like to use our fireplace now! I can't even imagine how much wood is required to heat a whole house all the time.

Our new house actually has a furnace system that not only uses oil but also has the capability to burn wood or coal. We are attracted to the wood burning idea (especially since it uses the ducts already in place throughout the house), but we'll have to stockpile more wood!

How do you heat your homes? And how do you keep the air from being too dry in your house if you do burn wood? Does a humidifier of some sort do the trick?

We did discover that energy efficient items like the lock-top damper qualify for a bit of a tax credit. I think it's about 30% of the bill that can be refunded. Make sure you are saving receipts for your energy efficient things - even the light bulbs!

In other news: the camera has been discovered and batteries charged. We are now missing the cable that enables us to download the pics to the computer. Someday we might get it together! In the meantime, we're going to bake cookies! I would like to make the batter for two kinds today: gullets and maybe giant nutmeg cookies. I'm a bit behind on baking, but I did go through ye olde cookbooks last night. I have about half a dozen varieties that I would like to get done. Then, I have two kinds of candy to make. I'm thinking a little tin of cookies would be a nice gift for the neighbors. Best to get busy!

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