Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pictures That Make Me Smile

Some fun/good things that have happened recently:

Abigail had a dance recital in June (I'll have to update with a picture of her leg currently in a cast!).

Mama and eldest baby shot :)

Garden work in the spring....notice Jacob's choice of footwear and the two monkeyshines in the back. Those two little girls can be the best buddies ever or really be pushing each other buttons, amIright?

This person (my brother's beautiful wife) is about to have a baby.....practically any minute!! We are on baby watch. Today they are supposed to watch my kids, but any plans being made end with, "unless you are having the baby".

We hired a tree guy to take this sucker out. It was a leaning (right over my chicken coop), creaking mess. My husband cut up the firewood (3 smaller trees as well) and said we had enough wood for a week or two this winter. Sigh. Firewood is a big job!

Well, Wednesday calls, folks! TTFN!

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  1. So much wonderful life happening in your corner of world, Sarah. :) Sorry about the tree; I honestly don't like when we have to take one down, but the husband loves to do it. And that the firewood gets stocked as a result, well, that makes him (and me) happy! Your girl looks like you, my friend. :) Hope you're enjoying these slow days of summer,
    xo Lisa


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