Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five

1. The kids and I visited our newest family member yesterday. Their cousin (my nephew) is the first child for my brother and sister-in-law. While here in the States for a few months to have the baby they will travel back to Uganda in September to continue their work in medical missions. Baby is so sweet and has such an amazing amount of hair. I am so thankful for a smooth and fairly quick delivery and that everyone is doing wonderfully!

2. My girl Abigail now has a cast on her leg, a palate separator in her mouth, and new braces (as of yesterday). Girlfriend has a lot going on this summer :) A lot of this week was taken up with appointments and discovering that a local dentist way overcharges for laughing gas! Folks, it's worth it to ask a few questions and do a bit of research in medical/dental related matters.

3. Today we are hoping to start to attempt (!) a blueberry picking expedition. It may be short-lived.

4. Realities of life: one of my baby chickens flew into the pen with my big chickens and was killed. Sad. I've taken some stop-gap measures, but something more secure will have to be constructed to prevent further loss. My 2 beehives are resting on a wooden bench that seems to be deteriorating. How in the world to fix this with 2 active hives? We've thought maybe to go in the night and try to shore up the bench with some concrete block....makes me nervous!

5. Tomorrow (Saturday) we have absolutely nothing planned. Bliss! Maybe we'll go out for breakfast!

Happy weekend to you! TTFN!


  1. Oh your poor chick and that is a terrible problem with the bees. I would wait until dark and do something fast. :) My Mom and I would move her bees on cold days. I would have the smoker ready just in case.
    You have been busy, I hope your blueberry picking was a success. Congrats on your new nephew. Blessings to you. I hope you have a quiet weekend.

  2. can you sneak in a couple cinder blocks to add support to the bench for now? you could always do it at night and seal off the hive entrance while you work if you do have to actually move the hives. good luck!

    congrats on the baby, and happy blueberry season! (we'll start picking next week, I think)


  3. So sorry for your 'lil chick and for your girl... Sorry about the laughing gas! We are self-insured since we're self-employed and found out our dentist will no longer be offering the terrific deal they have been to the uninsured. Bummer!


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